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Conway Imports Team

Chris Bienko - General Manager/Owner

(630) 830-3600 Ex. 101
I have been in the automotive industry for over 16 years. Throughout the years working in the business I have gained a lot of experience both in sales and financing. I am very passionate about finding a way to make every person, who walks through the door, a satisfied and repeat customer of Conway Imports.

Karl Berner - Finance Manager

(630) 830-3600 Ex. 102
I have been in the automotive industry for over 9 years. I deal with customers on a daily basis to assist them in every step of purchasing a vehicle of their choice. I secure all financing needed to fund your new vehicle.

Sebastian Kwapien - Finance Manager

(630) 830-3600 Ex. 113
I know buying a car is a difficult decision to make which is why I like to find out and gather as much information as possible about what the customer is looking to achieve. I'm very familiar with all of our inventory. Please let me know how I can help earn your business.

Vito Bienko- Client Advisor

I have been in an automotive industry for over 10 years. My job as an advisor is to make you comfortable with the buying process and make sure you will leave with a reliable vehicle.

Chris Skalski - Client Advisor

(630) 830-3600 Ex. 109
To be in the Automotive industry has been my dream at a young age. Now that I have 2 years experience and I'm proud to say that I receive the opportunity to work for Conway Imports. My purpose in this business is to help our customers and provide them with service they need.

Yesenia Dionicio - Client Advisor

(630) 830-3600 Ex.105
My name is Yesenia, I've been in the automotive industry for over 5 years. I'm very passionate about my job as a client advisor here, at Conway Imports where I'm going to make a sure that all of our customers leave happy and satisfied. "Se habala Espanol"!

Michal Lisiewski - Client Advisor

(630) 830-3600 Ex. 106
I've been working in the automotive industry for over 15 years. I have joined Conway Imports Auto Sales team in the November of 2016 as a Client Advisor. I love my job and possibility to learn new skills and more knowledge to deliver to all of my clients. I really enjoy working with people and helping them to get a vehicle of their dreams. Mówie po Polsku!

Mauro Carreon - Client Advisor

(630) 830-3600 Ext.107
My name is Mauro and I've been in the automotive industry for over 3 years. A personal goal of mine is to assist and provide our customers with the best service possible.

Marco Torres - Client Advisor

(630) 830-3600 Ex. 110
I am extremely happy to be at Conway Imports Auto Sales and be able to provide my most knowledgeable advice, that 5 years of being in the auto industry has given me. I will continue to learn and grow along side the Conway Imports team to provide an exceptional service to our customers.

Alex Trybulec - Client Advisor

(630) 830-3600 Ex. 104
As I am learning along Conway Imports auto sales team, I will make sure to provide the highest level of customer service and achieve that satisfaction in my clients.

Alejandro Kerkooffs - Automotive Technican

I've been in the Automotive business for 9 years. There is nothing I love more than working on a cars to make sure it is safe.